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Supplier and Subcontractor of the Year Awards - Peer Nominated

Residential Awards

Bathroom Awards

Kitchen Awards

Sustainability Awards

Alteration or Addition Awards

Display Home Awards

Contract Home Awards

Medium Density Awards

High Density Awards

Subcontractor Awards

Structural Subcontractor of the year

Cladding Subcontractor of the year

Services Subcontractor of the year

Finishes Subcontractor of the Year

Commercial & Civil Awards

Workplace Health and Safety Awards

Sustainability Awards

Remote Construction Awards

Commercial & Retail Fit out or Alteration Awards

Civil/Infrastructure Awards

Facilities Awards

Commercial/Industrial Construction Awards

Defence Projects Awards

Major Awards

The Major Awards are made up of the following categories. These are non-entered Awards as they consist of the judges’ decision on the best overall nominations from the Subcontractor, Residential, Commercial and Civil Awards.

*The Award Categories marked with an asterisk(*) have a corresponding category in the Master Builders Australia National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards.

**A project must first be entered in to the EBC Awards to be eligible to nominate for a Bathroom and Kitchen Award.

***The supplier and Subcontractor of the year awards – peer nominated by entrants in the 2024 EBC Awards

Value is the final contract price inclusive of GST.